Art from Inner Space

Chrome Underwood


Poster for an exhibition held simultaneously at the Austrian Embassy in Berlin, Germany and at Planufaktur in Second Life; 2009.

Read further about this exhibit in my post, Berlin is, quite simply, da bomb

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Looking over the setup of my new retrospective show with Jean-Marc Larroque,

Director of the international Pirats Art Network in Second Life. For more details on the event,

see Chrome Goes Retro on my blog site, Chrome Never Sleeps.

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My installation of 3D Comics at the massive Ambiguity of Identity exhibit

at The Caerleon Museum of Identity in Second Life, sponsored by UMass, Boston and held simultaneously at the UMB Gallery of Art, 2010.

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Machinima by Keystone Bouchard of final build at the Architectural Jazz project, an art and architecture jam session, in Second Life.

See my blog post new world jazz ensemble for the complete story.

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Quintessential Flux visiting the Criss Museum of Contemporary Art in Second Life, where Chrome exhibited

some of his more recent works. More on the exhibit in the post, now showing, on my blog site, Chrome Never Sleeps.

Jean-Marc Larroque

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Advertisement for Chrome’s inaugural exhibit at the Ruttan Gallery, flagship gallery of the Cetus Arts District, Second Life, 2008.
Read more about this pivotal exhibit in my post, How Deep is a Painting, on Chrome Never Sleeps

From wikipedia:

Numerous art gallery simulations (called “sims”) abound in Second Life. Among the most notable of these was the art gallery sim
“Cetus Gallery District,” the world’s first virtual online urban arts district. Cetus was modeled on real world analogs such as New York’s
Chelsea gallery district as a mix-use arts community of virtual galleries, offices, loft apartments, and coffee houses. Its many tenant-run
businesses featured weekly live music performances, gallery openings, and literary events such as the virtual book launch for
“Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human,” by Tom Boellstorf (Princeton University Press; 2008).
Cetus was chosen Best Cultural Site in Second Life in 2007, and its creator, avatar Xander Ruttan, (real world arts professional Aaron Collins
of California) was among the most influential art world avatars in SL. Cetus resulted in many ongoing collaborative efforts among
the SL community of artists, designers, writers, and virtual builders from across the real and virtual worlds.